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Five Short Days

February 18, 2013

We at Dance Marathon of NCSU can hardly believe that in just five short days, hundreds of people, including our Miracle Families and special guests, will fill the gym and dance for 12.5 hours. With that being said, here are some last minute tips and things to remember before Friday.

  • Each dancer needs to reach their goal of AT LEAST $150 before they can enter in the gym. For every $10 you raise, you will receive a raffle ticket for some AWESOME prizes that have been donated.
  • STAY HYDRATED!!! As a dancer, we will be on our feet for the entire time, and feeling dizzy and/or sick is not a good thing. There will be food and drinks, so please take advantage of it.
  • Friend coming to say hey? Roommate coming to drop off another pair of dancing shoes? That’s fine! Just remember they need to stay in the visitors section.
  • There will be no drugs, tobacco, or alcohol allowed, no exceptions. Anyone displaying intoxicated behavior will be removed.

Get PUMPED and STAND UP, because our awesome line up of entertainers will make it too legit to sit!

See you on FRIDAY! And as always, FOR THE KIDS!