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Nathan Norman

Age: 6

Nathan Norman was born on December 28th, 2006. Before his 1st birthday he began to have seizures. He was sent in to have an MRI on January 14, 2009. It was suppose to be a routine check and they did not expect to find anything. However upon receiving the MRI results the doctors made the devastating call that Nathan had a tumor on his cerebellum. After receiving the news Nathan and his family went to see a Pediatric Neurosurgeon who said they needed to go ahead and do surgery right away. They were able to remove a good portion of the tumor but unfortunately had to leave 45% of it. In March of the same year Nathan’s tumor began to grow and they started him on chemotherapy in hopes of keeping it from getting any larger. In August 2010 they stopped the chemo but then again in October 2011 it started growing again and into his spinal cord. Later that month Nathan received surgery again and started chemo back up from November to April 2012. Unfortunately in on September 4th 2012 the tumor progressed more and on September 12th, Nathan started another chemo and was put on three different medications in order to stabilize the tumor. The family is optimistic about the chemotherapy and the treatment they are receiving from Dukes Medical Center. Watch his YouTube video! .

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