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Joshua Holdner

Joshua Holdner, now 14 years old, has a devastating disorder, Tyrosinemia Type I. Josh is one of approximately of one hundred children in the United States affected by this rare genetic metabolic disorder and the ONLY one in the state of North Carolina. Patients with Tyrosinemia Type I lack the ability to digest the amino acid Tyrosine, a process that should occur in the liver. If Tyrosine is ingested by an individual with this disease, a build-up of toxins can occur in the body which causes damage to the liver and kidneys. Children with Tyrosinemia Type I often develop liver cancer and require liver transplants later in life. Currently, there is no cure for this disease. Since Tyrosine is found in most animal and plant proteins, a strict low protein diet has to be observed. Josh also is required to take a medicine which is produced for compassionate use only by just one pharmaceutical company out of Seattle. Josh was first diagnosed at almost a year old and is still fighting to this day. Find more infomation about him on  his website !

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